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Starting a Small or Part-time Business

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Starting a small business doesn't have to be complicated.  In fact some businesses have been started on a "shoestring" from a kitchen table.  The startup process can seem overwhelming, but don't worry these few pages of information will help.

We start with the premise that you already have a product or service to offer customers.  We will deal with the "first steps", record keeping, some sample forms and some great resources for more detailed information.

The two most important rules:

  1. Keep business and personal finances separate.
  2. Keep written records of all transactions, mileage logs, purchases, sales and expenses.

If you always obey these two rules, you (or your accountant) will be able to piece together your business records for the year.   

BUT if you keep your records up-to-date weekly or monthly, it will be much easier at the end of the year.  More on this later in "Record Keeping".

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Disclaimer:  We do not offer legal or tax advice.  Seek an attorney or accountant for specific legal or tax questions for your business.  This information provided  is general business tips to help in small home business startups .